Three Haikus

As deaths outstrip births,
Lower the new dead, but first
Raise that sprouting corpse.

This new roof on a
Millennium of oaks, for
The faith of the few.

Orange the night sky,
The soul escapes the body
As the iron melts.
The first Haiku pertains to the rates of births and deaths in Brazil during the Corona pandemic as of early April 2021, and the fact that bodies were being exhumed to make place for new cadavers. The reference to the "sprouting corpse" is to T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land". The second Haiku references the restoration of Notre Dame in Paris, which calls for one thousand ancient oak trees to be felled. As for the third, it tells the story of Covid deaths in India in late April 2021, acknowledging the Hindu belief that cremation frees the spirit from the human form and how the heat of the grills used deforms the metal.